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Decon 30 Disinfectant/Sanitizer

  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria, germs, viruses in 30 seconds on porous such as carpet, upholstery, mattresses, area rugs, tile & grout and in non-porous surfaces such as furnace & ducts!
  • New light scent!
  • Uses Botanical Thyme Oil as the Active Ingredient
  • Botanical isn't just in the product name, or just one ingredient, we are the only ALL botanical formula in the industry. We formulate with whole essential oils, not synthesized copies of the chemicals found within the oils - we think the authentic way is the right way! Benefect is the Clear Choice!

The Benefect Story Video

The world's need for sensible disinfection products was starkly realized when our first son, Conor, was born with only 10% of his immune system functioning. This is the story of how botanical disinfectants were created... https://youtu.be/j-GFbSXjNg0  


Our Environmental Commitment

Happy Home. Happy Planet. At 3M, we're committed to developing innovative products that uphold our mission towards environmental responsibility. In keeping with this goal, we began a voluntary phase out of Perfluorooctanyl Chemical (PFOS) compounds from all Scotchguard™ brand product formulas. Since then, we've created a new generation of protective treatments for commercial and home use. Our reformulated Scotchguard™ Brand Protector products not only have excellent protection performance as expected from Scotchguard™ Brand but also have enhanced environmental, health and safety benefits that pass regulatory reviews of the U.S. EPA and other environmental agencies around the world. So we're proud to offer Scotchgard™ brand products as a sustainable alternative to other protective treatments currently available. And, as always, Scotchgard™ brand products continue to keep carpets, upholstery and other surfaces looking better longer, so you can enjoy them for years to come. The planet also benefits when our things last longer. We use fewer raw materials because we're making fewer new products, using less energy, and generating less waste. You're happy, and the planet is too.