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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet cleaning for your home helps your family, both humans and pets live in a healthy environment. In addition to our deep cleaning methods, we can deodorize your carpets, adding a mild, fresh scent that actually counteracts odors.

Our 6 step deep cleaning process and features:

  1. Pre-vacuum if it has not been done before hand to remove all dry soil particulate
  2. Use of HOT SOFT Water and our certified soil and carpet specific type pre-treat to loosen and lift soil particles from fibers
  3. Individual treatment of stains and spots separately to ensure highest likelihood of getting them out the first time!
  4. Gentle agitation pre-treat into the fibers to ensure even and deep coverage and to loosen sticky and embedded soil particles
  5. Then using our truck mounted deep cleaning extraction wand and soft water we perform a high heat rinse and extraction to flush out stains, spots and soils
  6. Finally we go over the entire area cleaned with many “dry passes” to ensure every bit of excess moisture is removed to speed dry times and give you your home back sooner.

Carpet Stains

scotch_guardFor heavy odors and deep stains and spots we have additional DEEP, DEEP cleaning procedures that can actually remove problems like pet urine from the back of the carpet and even the under pad!
We recommend Scotchgard Protector to help prevent re-soiling and increase your carpets’ resistance to future staining.

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